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Frank 'Kohana' Whitehead

Háu.  Lakota for hello.  My name is Frank Whitehead.  In my tribe, I am known as Kohana.
I welcome you to my page.
I co-star in Mystery at Bear Creek Island with Duke McAlester, Sara and her twin boys. 

My Story

I am 27.  I was born on a reservation in Montana.  When I was really young, our people moved to Wisconsin and I am in line to be chief.  I now live near Nanōatük Bay off of the great lake, Superior.  I went to school there with Duke and we quickly became good friends.  I am honored to be your friend, too.
Usually you will see me riding around in my jeep, the Sweet Sioux.  And sometimes, you can find me at the Cliffside Restaurant.

I work at the Don't Know Detective Agency with Duke.  We named it that because we didn't know what to name it. But as Sandy puts it, we are always in the know at Don't Know.  Go figure, right.
I have taught Duke everything I know about tracking, like looking at details and how to recognize signs.  If there is a mystery to solve, we will get to the bottom of it. 
We have a lot of fun.  You should come hang out with us at the office.  If we are not in, Sandy, our secretary, will take good care of you until we get back.   

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