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Duke McAlester

Hello and welcome.  I'm one of the stars of Mystery at Bear Creek Island written by Alexia Stevens.
Here you will find more information about me, my friends, where I live and the places I visit, and work. You can also check back here for updates as we work to solve international crimes often with a comical flair.
Other stars include Kohana, Sara and her 5 yr old twin boys. They are real ruffians so you'd better watch out for them.
You'll also come across Tom & Erica, they live in my neighborhood, too.
Recently, Alexia and some of her author friends wrote a Christmas story about friendship that stars Tom & Erica.
You can download The Gift here for free. 

My Story

I am a 26 year old, male who enjoys having lots of fun and outdoor living.  I live in a crowded neighborhood near Nanōatük Bay, Wisconsin and am working on building a log home outside of town.  But don't mention that to Sara; I haven't told her yet.  I need the chance to explain it to her.  You see, Sara, and I have dated off and on for several years and it might not go so well if she found out I was moving from a 3rd party; you understand, right?  I first met Sara when her home burned down and my best friend and business partner, Kohana, and I helped her to get moved into an empty house in my cul-de-sac.  Sara's twins are Cooper and Jackson.  The whole neighborhood fell in love with these two youngsters as did I.  We often refer to them as the neighborhood's twins; they've sort of laid claim to them.

My business partner, Frank "Kohana" Whitehead, and I started the  Don't Know Detective Agency of northern Wisconsin. Join us on our journeys as we attempt to solve the latest crime wave that is destined to sweep across Canada and the U.S. 
You'll enjoy the comical bantering between Kohana and myself and our entire staff as we work through clues to stop the thieves from stealing more ancient Native American artifacts and return them to their rightful owners.

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