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Hey, Alexia Here

Thanks for Stopping By

Hello, I'm Alexia Stevens.
I once read a book whose main character was an author.  I just thought that was really clever and it planted a tiny seed in my heart that I could be a writer.  But that dream didn't materialize until a few years ago. I started out in college to become a network admin, then started planning to become an IT Systems Analyst before ending up making a big career change to creative writing. 
My favorite genres to work in are Sweet Romance and Non-murder Mystery. I enjoy writing fun, light-hearted stories. There's already enough sadness, and hate in the world, don't you think? Our news media makes sure we hear enough of that. I want to take you away from that to a far more enjoyable experience through the stories I tell.
My favorite mysteries, of course, are the Hardy Boys, but more recently the Nancy Atherton's Aunt Dimity series.  Of that series, Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil is my absolute favorite.

​When I'm not writing, I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling. I enjoy camping out.  I'm originally from south central Texas, but now live in the Missouri Ozark Mountains with my hubby, our youngest fledgling, and a wide array of wildlife.


Be sure to check out my Letters from Lexi Blog for updates and Resources page full of articles, links, and need to know information for every writer. 
Thank you for stopping by. Have a blessed day.


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