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A Talk with Michael Lackey

I have the awesome privilege of bringing to you my visit with internationally read, fantasy / sci-fi author, Michael Lackey. Michael is quickly garnering a healthy fan base for his notable work in The Bad Seed, book one in his Battle for the Heavens series. And also for his new book, The Key of Knowledge, of The Keys of Lazarus series, which will be out this April. Grab something to drink and get your pen and paper ready because Michael has a special surprise for you. Please make welcome, author, Michael Lackey.​​

ML: It's my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

AS: Michael, you are turning the fantasy / sci-fi world upside down with consistent 5-star reviews. And you quickly captured international attention, and all off of your first book, The Bad Seed. How did you feel when you received your first 5 star rating?

ML: In shock! Lol, I didn't believe they were really talking about me. It was surreal that people actually like my story.

AS: As a child, your imagination was quite vivid and colorful. Did grammar / literature assignments in school come easy for you?

ML: ​In high school, yes. Before that I barely got by lol.

AS: Did you write mini stories for your friends or family back then?

ML: I never wrote when I was younger. I loved stories of all kinds, but never explored writing them myself. Movies had my number. I wanted to be a stuntman! I would make bike courses with ramps and through trees.

AS: Now, having met you, I can see you flying through the trees, valiantly.

Are your books family oriented or for the slightly older?

ML: My books are written in a way anyone of any age can read them, understand them and love them. I love J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin, but Tolkien is harder to understand even for some adults, and Martin, although the stories are good, I wouldn’t want a teen reading them.

AS: I love children's stories; I think it is so important for those who have the talent to provide our children with an endless supply of opportunities to read.

So, you are married and have a small family. Did you ever tell your stories to your children at bedtime?

ML: I am married and have a daughter. I would read stories to her as a child, but never my own.

AS: That's awesome. Now, Michael, before we dig into your awesome novels. You have a surprise for our readers. Won't you tell us about this wonderful opportunity.

ML: I will be giving away a free e-book from Amazon to one lucky person who reads this blog. Leave a comment below stating your favorite fantasy character, and the winner will be chosen from that list.​

AS: An e-book giveaway, that makes a wonderful gift. To leave your comment, click on the comments link. ​Thank you for sharing this with us. In book 1, your world of Amundiss was turned upside down. Tell us about it. ML: Amundiss is my version of Earth. Think of it as a planet from our galaxy that hasn’t been discovered yet. It is a place where knights and lords are common place and magic is used by the skilled. AS: On a good day, would you describe Amundiss as a sleepy little town or if we could move there, what could we expect? ML: If you are used to your Kindle or iPad I do not suggest you move there, lol. Amundiss is a medieval world filled with work and play from a time our world has forgotten. AS: Does the name Amundiss have a special meaning? When did you first create Amundiss, as a child, teen, or later in life? ML: Nope. I basically pulled Amundiss out of a hat. Just started making sounds! Now, my wizard’s name is interesting. His name is Benzoete. If you look closely at the ingredients on a Dr. Pepper bottle you will find his name. AS: Oh wow, a Dr. Pepper bottle. Well, alright then. In another interview you were asked which of your characters was your favorite. Here, I want to ask which one would you say you relate to the most and why? ML: Ooooh, good question. I would like to say Gabriel, the king. He is level headed and passionate for his people, willing to do whatever it takes to protect them… like a family. Family is everything. You watch over them and protect them even when they don’t really give you a reason to. AS: Awesome answer. How old is Amundiss and what do you like most about it, the people, culture, give us a 3d explanation, haha. ML: Amundiss is as old as time itself. The Gods and their children formed the universe and planets to govern over. Beautiful mountains filled with gold and treasures that the dwarves just adore. Rivers and bountiful forests suited to the elven kind. Major cities and commerce where human and some elf share. Farmlands filled with luscious vegetation for all. And that’s just on the continent or realm of Cyreus. You will learn more about the lands across the Chaotic Sea in book two. AS: I'm hooked already. When can we expect more from this series? ML: I am working on book two right now. I hope to have it finished this year with a release in 2019. The title is Shadow Gate. AS: Well, congratulations on the overwhelming success of The Bad Seed.

AS: So, you have book one out and you have pumped out another book, The Key of Knowledge. Now, this book starts a new series you’ve entitled The Keys of Lazarus. Was there a special event or something that prompted this series? ML: My father was a minister my whole life. I lost him in May of last year. I was doing some soul searching while beating my head against a writer’s block wall from Shadow Gate and the biblical story of Lazarus came to mind. I lost my dad and in the story of Lazarus he had died. Four days later, Lazarus came back, and I still was without my father. One thing led to another and had me asking, “What happened to Lazarus after he was resurrected?” I found myself reading the bible; John Chapter 11, which is also the prologue of my book. AS: Well, our condolences for your Dad. Set us up. Where are you taking us and what can we expect in The Key of Knowledge? ML: The Key of Knowledge is set in the year 2058 on our Earth. A beautiful immortal tyrant has taken over the world and plunged it back into the Victorian era (because that was her favorite time period) and ushered in the steampunk age. She calls herself the Countess and can control the bodies of the dead that she used to fuel her immortality. AS: Wow. Now, from book 2, what can we expect from your characters? Witt, supreme intelligence or strength, perhaps a bit of humor? ML: The characters in The Key of Knowledge are a diverse group of must be heroes. I call them must be because they have the ability to end the reign of the Countess, and only them. It is steampunk so expect unusual gadgets and tinkers, along with robots powered by steam. AS: Oh, gosh, the suspense is getting hot folks. In either book, if one of your characters could be your best friend, which one would it be, why? ML: That’s a hard question. I love them all so much. In The Bad Seed it would be Antoine, because he is fearless and loyal. In The Key of Knowledge it would be James, because he is a guy that tells you exactly what he thinks and will be by your side against all. AS: Wonderful, sounds like an all star cast. We could all use friends like that.​

As: Michael, what do you think sets your books apart from other fantasies out there? ML: I call my books Fantasy for a new generation. It is exactly that. Kids need to read, but if they can’t understand and love what they are reading they will put it down. So, I don’t dumb it down, I just tell it in a more understandable way. AS: No wonder you have gained an international audience. Will you venture into other genres? Which one(s)? ML: I am kicking around the idea of a children’s book… and that scares me so good lol. AS: What is the best secret you've heard about or tried for writer’s block? ML: Haven’t found anything I like yet! That’s how I got started on The Key of Knowledge. The writer’s block for that story line was so strong, I was forced to go into a different direction. AS: Sometime, that different direction is all we need to pick up pace again. Rejection is something we all face. What advice would you offer new and young writers? ML: Never give up, never surrender. Your stories are something special from you. Keep pushing, keep writing and above all else… DO NOT GIVE UP! AS: My sentiments exactly. After all, where would we be if we give up, right. What future titles can we expect from you? ML: Future titles? Well, for right now I’m going to just give you the titles to make you wonder what they are about, lol. Shadow Gate, Once Upon A Night’s Wish, The Key of Love, Knights of Nebula.

AS: Your titles are very interesting. We will all be on the edge of our seat waiting for your next books to come out. Michael, thank you again for dropping by. It has been fun and exciting to explore your fantastical worlds and to get to meet some of the cast. It has been a real pleasure. ML: Thank you again for having me! I want to invite everyone to visit me on these social media platforms: Instagram @mikelackey23 and Twitter @supes23. I love to interact with my followers, feel free to ask me questions directly or on posts. Also, I have been known to giveaway signed copies on my social media as well!! ​It was a blast to do this interview, Alexia. I look forward to talking with you all again.

AS: We look forward to more from you as well, Michael. This was a wonderful visit. Visit Michael for details on how to obtain your copy of The Bad Seed or his new book, The Book of Knowledge, which will be released in April; please leave reviews when and where possible for authors. Just want to remind everybody, leave a comment stating your favorite character in the comments section below to be entered into Michael's e-book giveaway. The drawing will be held on April 7th, so get your comments in before then. The winner will be contacted by Michael. Remember, to post a comment, click the comments link below. Thank you all for stopping by. ​Happy Spring everybody. ​Alexia Stevens

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