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Adventures with Farloft

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted here on Author Interviews.

I can't think of a better way to start off a new post than to bring back

one of my favorites.

​Everybody please welcome back, only the world's favorite dragon, Farloft.

AS: Oh, look at that bow. That's downright handsome, Farloft. How have you been doing? So glad to have you back again. Come here and give me a huggle.

F: Things have been going really good Alexia; thanks for having me back. It's always exciting to come see you. *Sniffs the air.

AS: Farloft, you have been one busy dragon. Maybe one day I'll go on an adventure with you, and Theresa. Let's see, the last time you were here, your new book, ​Farloft's Storybook, had just been released. I bet you had a lot of fun working with Theresa on that one, right? What's different about this book compared to the others you starred in?

F: This is my first pre-school book. It is 9 short stories with coloring pages. Just imagine, a book you can color in and not get in trouble for it… It has also been beta read by 6 year old's. It was so much fun to work with Theresa on the stories and Bluekite Falls on the illustrations. I think they make a great team, with my inspiration of course. *Grins

AS: I think your idea of presenting a story book to kids that they can color in is absolutely ingenious. I have to say, Farloft, you are smarter than the average dragon. *grins toothily.

AS: Also, you and Theresa had just came in from an extensive vacation; another adventure with Farloft. Have you been out since then?

F:Our vacation was a whirlwind tour. Since then, Theresa and I settled down and wrote my next Farloft Chronicle, “A Gathering of Dragons”. I am very excited about it. The book is a great adventure involving me going on a quest with a gryphon friend, Snow. We are out to gather other dragons to help defend my human friends and their kingdom against the enemies from Baldar. I have a picture of him. Isn’t he a handsome bird? *cranes neck to see behind Alexia, looking for goodies.

AS: That sounds like one awesome adventure, Farloft. We humankind could always use a friend like you and Snow.​

Nice picture of Snow. He is handsome and I bet he's a good friend, too. What special link do you have so that our readers can obtain a copy of A Gathering of Dragons?

F: You can visit and be sure to look around, there's an adventure for everyone. And I have something special for our readers today, too, Alexia.

AS: You brought something for us? Wonderful, can hardly wait to see what your surprise is. All of your books are wonderful adventures. I know you recently had a birthday, January, right? What's special about a dragons birthday?

F: I love birthdays. I celebrate mine with the rest of the dragons on International Dragon Day, January 16th. I am over 1,000 years old, but I never get tired of enjoying my birthday with friends and family. I drag it out as long as possible, leans in close.

You know, I love treats. Especially good tasting treats. *looks around furtively for Alexia’s usual tray of treats.

AS: You and I both love snacks. What's your favorite recipe?

F: I like anything from main dishes to sweet treats. *looks expectantly at Alexia and licks lips. I especially like Theresa's Blooming Apples recipe. Next time I come to visit Alexia, I'll join you in the kitchen and we'll make some. I love apples and I'll bring some from Theresa, she picks them right off of her tree in the garden. They are the best! And of course, I like your treats, too, Alexia. *eyes roam towards the stage kitchen.

AS: Farloft, That's a great idea; we'll definitely make plans for this in the very near future. And I'm glad you like my treats.

AS: I'm sure you and Theresa have had a lot on your plates lately. Can you give us an update on the movie they were supposed to be working on for you?

​F: I still have my paws and claws crossed that something will come of this exciting venture, but as with all things in the human world, unfortunately, it has been put on hold with the advent of the Covid pandemic.

AS: Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed with both of you; they simply must pull themselves together and get through this.

AS: Theresa told me the recently that you had some more pics done. Did you bring any with you to show everybody?

F: Yes, I did. I like working with Blue Kite Falls, they have been really good to me and Theresa. I actually brought a slide show. Would you like for me to show it? And there's a selfie I took of me and some of my friends, too.

​AS: Well, of course, this will be fun.

AS: ​I love your pics. You are quite photogenic. Let's change speeds here for just a moment.

As you know, the whole world has groaned under the burden of this Covid-19 sickness. What are your thoughts about this? Are dragons susceptible to catching human sickness like this Covid disease? How did you and Theresa manage to steer clear of this dreadful thing?

F: I consider myself extremely lucky because dragons of my clan cannot catch or transmit human germs. I can still hug Theresa and she can still be comforted by me. I am keeping her safe at home. She is lonely because she is such a social creature, but Watson, her cat, and I are doing our best to keep her company.

AS: Awe, that is so sweet of you Farloft. Be sure to give Watson and Theresa a big hug from me. He's such a fun cat. I enjoy watching him on Theresa's video's that she posts.

AS: I spoke to some kids recently. I told them I would be having you over for a visit and I asked them if they had any special questions they would like to know about you. I'm sure you remember playing with Cooper and Jackson up at Tom and Erica's cabin in the mountains that Christmas, Sara's 5 year old twin boys. Are you ready for this?

F: Indeed! *straightens up and sticks chest out, ready for the challenge.

AS: Alright, Cooper wants to know if you ever get sick or have a toothache and have to go to the dentist? Psst: I think he has to go see the dentist.

F: Well, dragons don't get sick very often.

AS: He also asked what size of shoe you wear? He couldn't help but remember how big your footprint was; he had a lot of fun playing with you that Christmas.

F: I don't wear shoes, silly boy. I have to have my claws available to make landings on questionable and shifting surfaces.

AS: Jackson asks if you like to go swimming and if you have a favorite pair of swimming trunks.

F: I love to swim, but I don't wear any clothing. I find it very cumbersome to walk or fly with cloth hanging off of me.

AS: Jackson also wanted to know if you take baths and whether you have a rubber duckie to play with. He asked me to give you this one from him. He said it's really sad when you take a bath and you don't have a duckie to play with, he wanted to make sure you had one.

F: I love the water and keeping clean is very essential to the aerodynamics of flight. So, yes, I do take bathes regularly. In fact, I have a thermal pool in my lair which is heated by the vents of the semi-dormant volcano I live in but, no I do not have a rubber duckie. I had one once, but it melted from the heat of the pool. I will place this little duckie in another room closer to the front of my lair. Please send my kind regards to Jackson for me, and to Cooper. Those boys asked some really good questions.

AS: Very nice, good answers.

AS: Alright, Farloft. You mentioned earlier that you brought something special for our readers today. What do you have for us?

F: *Rubs paws together excitedly. Theresa and I would like to know what our readers would like to read from us next. And here are the following options that we are considering:

1) A book about my mate Clearair's background as a shapeshifter and dragon hunter

2) A book about Anna and James' adventure into Theresa's modern world.

​3) A book about Anna's first love.

AS: Oh wow, so you are giving the audience a chance to indirectly participate in your next book? What an awesome idea. I love it. So, I tell you what. I'll post a survey at the bottom so anybody that wants to be a part of this can submit their selection. ​This is really cool, I'm excited.

AS: Now, as I understand it, you still give away free books. Tell us about this?

F: I have a coloring contest that anyone can enter. I pick a winner a month and send them my ebook. If they have read any of my series already, then I send them the next one in the series FREE. Here's a link, come visit me sometime. I like making new friends. *Looks around, continues to sniff the air.

Theresa, my scribe, also has my first chronicle "James & the Dragon" permanently FREE on her site and on all purchasing platforms. Readers can download the book and see if they like it. Of course, who wouldn't like to read about a dragon??? *sticks out chest with pride

AS: Farloft, you are not only smart, you are the most fun and generous dragon ever. And who wouldn't want your books; everyone enjoys your adventures. I enjoy your adventures and your stories are definitely at the top of my to be read list.

AS: Farloft. I have a surprise for you, too. You see, Theresa called me and well, we sort of hatched the idea to celebrate you now having seven books in your series by presenting to you your favorite apple treat from Theresa.

She gave me the recipe the other day, and I made a big dish just for you. I'm just really sorry that she couldn't be here with us but in light of Covid, it's probably better this way. I'll definitely want to get her out here as soon as possible.

It's incredibly awesome that she now has 26 published books. This is nothing short of amazing! Congratulations to you both on such big, and major accomplishments.

F: Wow, Alexia, you made this just for me? I'm honored. *licks lips as servant brings out the dish along with a table of other treats and drinks. *balloons are released with pictures of Farloft on them and confetti falls from the ceiling.

You are amazing, too, Alexia. *huggles. Thank you so much.

I, too, think it is amazing that Theresa has 26 books published. The only thing she lacks is wings, and sometimes I think she has them when I read her books.

AS: Farloft, you are really sweet. I'm so glad you had some time to stop by; it's been a long time. I always look forward to your visits. Thank you again, give my love and hugs to Theresa and Watson.

F: Thank you for having me over again, Alexia. Goodbye everybody. Take care and stay safe out there.


If you'd like to read about Farloft's Christmas with Tom and Erica you can click here. Don't forget to submit your request below for Farloft and Theresa's next writing adventure. I also want to remind you that Theresa's books are available everywhere in e-book and paperback. Visit Theresa today to learn more.

As a special thanks to you for dropping by, if you submit a request for Theresa and Farloft, I'll email you a real recipe, edible for human consumption, for Theresa's Blooming Apples; save some for Farloft, lol. This stuff is so delicious.

​See you next time!!!AS:


The survey is no longer available. If you submitted your suggestion, please know that Theresa, Farloft, and I appreciate you so much.

​Follow Theresa on Twitter @Theresasnyder19

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