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Ladies of the Pen

Updated: Jun 11

When you are new to any kind of a career, it's helpful to quickly locate those who will rally around you, make you feel welcome, and encourage you along the way.

When I decided to try my hand at writing, I knew that for the time being it was just a hobby. I still had three children at home to raise and as they moved higher up in grade school, I took on outside employment. I still had stories to tell and like most writers, I, too, am an introvert. I was sort of looking to see who I could connect to on a somewhat quiet social media platform-Twitter.

Allow me to introduce you to these ladies of the pen, who in short, have been and still are a great source of encouragement.

Theresa Snyder, author

Theresa Snyder's character, Farloft, a loveable dragon, has an amazing story to tell. His birthday is coming up in May; I'll need to send him a happy birthday wish. I'm most inspired by Theresa through Farloft because she allows him to be real and tell his own stories. I recently found out the whole world loves Farloft. He's funny, loves chocolate and kittens. He now has is own Twitter@FarloftDaDragon. I have sense used Theresa as my personal editor for my writing. She has a sharp keen eye, is internationally read, and a multi-genre author.

Kari Nichols, author

Kari Nichols, author of Rogue, is another inspiring author. She is inspiring for her dedication to getting her writing projects done. She and hubby own a photography business and they stay busy. While that is their main business, she makes time to write. Making time is important to achieving success in anything. Her latest release, Dysfunctional Life, recently received a 5 star rating and is available on Amazon. Kari has gone on to complete a trilogy with Rogue being the first title, Plague, and Ghost. Kari also has other titles to her credit. Find Kari on Twitter @thekarinichols

Iona Morrison, author

Iona Morrison, author of The Harvest Club, and other best selling titles in the Blue Cove Mystery series, is an angel. Ever so calming to talk to and encouraging. Even when things are rough in her own life, she always finds time to keep her friends pumped up. And that's why she is inspiring to me. She's a gentle reminder to never forget your friends.

With so many talented writers and authors out there, why did I choose these three? They are answers to some of my biggest challenges in writing and life. Lesson 1, allow your characters to tell their story. Lesson 2, make time for your writing and don't stop writing until you are done. Lesson 3, don't forget those who have nudged you along the way. It takes a lot to be a writer. These three ladies are only a few who give me a more balanced look at life behind the pen. I appreciate their own special qualities, those admirable traits that often go unnoticed. I notice. If you are reading this today, I appreciate you and thank you very much. My sincere hope is that, if you are a writer, you connect with these 3 ladies or others that can help support and encourage and push you along on your journey to being published. Take Care, Alexia

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