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The Merriest Christmas

Christmas Gifts

Tis the season to be jolly
and it’s easy with all the bells, Christmas cheer, and holly.
With baking done, ornaments all hung
it’s time for the Christmas carols to be sung.
The tree now decorated, we’ll hang the mistletoe,
then hook up the sleigh and away we go.
Around the town square with lights so bright,
what a glorious Christmas night.
Up to the table, glass held in the air,
we’ll give a toast to Jesus, He’s why we’ve gathered here.
Come now, we’ll sit by the fire aglow,
with a warm cup, we’ll snuggle up, and watch the falling snow.
With family all gathered, we’re all set,
it’ll be the merriest Christmas yet.

written by Alexis Stevens 2017
all rights reserved

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