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Touchdown in Waverly

"How many times can two people's paths cross - how many times will love escape Melanie."
Melanie returns home to the little town of Waverly, Georgia to find herself from a recent past that left a hole in the pit of her stomach.
Her life as a successful corporate lawyer in New York had grown stale, especially after the loss of her late husband, Allen.  Tired of meaningless relationships and a dead end job, Melanie wondered would she ever live again, would she would ever find a love everlasting. Finding support from her family, and a career change, Melanie begins her journey of recovery.
Will she spend the rest of her days lamenting over her loss or will she finally score the touchdown she’s always believed in.

UPDATE: This manuscript has been sent off to a publishing company.


Touchdown in Waverly; pt 2


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Southern Grace

​Grace Caroline Madison makes a bold move to Texas to find new life.  But can she open her heart to another and find new love?  

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Mystery at Bear Creek Island

Duo detective team, Duke McAlester and Frank "Kohana" Whitehead of Nanōatük Bay, stumble across mysterious flashing lights on Bear Creek Island, an island sacred to a local Native American tribe.  Will they connect the mysterious flashing lights to the recently stolen ancient NA artifacts and return them to the right tribe? Find out as the detectives of the Don't Know Detective Agency dig into this international mystery.

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